Alerte jaune

L’excellent Greg Palast déballe une série d’incohérences en ce qui a trait à la folie sécuritaire états-unienne dans ce très bon texte:

« According to the press office from the Department of Homeland Security, lowered-threat Yellow means that there were no special inspections of passengers or cargo. Isn’t it nice of Mr. Bush to alert Osama when half our security forces are given the day off? Hmm. I asked an Israeli security expert why his nation doesn’t use these pretty color codes.

He asked me if, when I woke up, I checked the day’s terror color.

“I can’t say I ever have. I mean, who would?�

He smiled. “The terrorists.�

America is the only nation on the planet that kindly informs bombers, hijackers and berserkers the days on which they won’t be monitored. You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to get a jump on George Bush’s team. »

So, Osama walks into this bar, see? Greg Palast

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