Notes de lecture : « e-topias » de William J. Mitchell

Histoire de mettre de l’ordre dans mes idées et de peut-être bénéficier des commentaires de lecteurs, je publierai de temps en temps des notes sur les lectures que j’ai faites ou que je fais.

Dans « e-topias: urban life Jim, but not as we know it » William J. Mitchell s’interroge sur les impacts sociétaux des TIC en regard de l’aménagement urbain et de la géographie. Selon lui, la facilité de communiquer ne créera pas un monde exempt de contacts humains face à face, mais donnera une plus grande valeur aux rencontres et aux déplacements. Pour lui, la liberté dans les choix de localisation n’implique pas une indifférence dans les choix de localisation.

Quelques citations:

« Curiously enough, there is a venerable precedent for these notions of embedded intelligence and sensorily aware, responsive objects and spaces. The ancients Romans believed that each particular place had its characteristics spirit – its genius loci – that might manifest itself, if you watched carefully for it, as a snake. They had the right idea, but not the necessary technology. » p.50

« It will become a renewed focus of architectural attention and innovation as it integrates new functions and services. » p.72

« We will not have a world where there’s not there anywhere. Just the opposite in fact. We will increasingly take advantage of digital telecommunications technology to stay more closely in touch with places that are particularly meaningful to us when we travel. There will still be some place we call “homeâ€?. » p.73

« For planners and politicians, steering us away from the dual city is a matter of finding policies that generate an acceptable level of social equity. For architects and urban designers, the complementary task is to create urban fabric that provides opportunities for social groups to intersect and overlap rather than remain isolated by distance or defended walls. » p.82

Mitchell, W. J. (2000). e-topias: urban life, Jim – but not as we know it. Cambridge: MIT Press.

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