2% des actionnaires d’Amazon contre la reconnaissance faciale

Visiblement, ce n’est pas en misant sur le bon vouloir des compagnies qu’on pourra s’en protéger.

Some 2.4% of votes were in favor of the ban. A second proposal that called for a study of the extent to which Amazon’s “Rekognition” service harmed civil rights and privacy garnered 27.5% support. 

Amazon’s sale of the technology to law enforcement in Oregon and Florida has put the company at the center of a growing U.S. debate over facial recognition, with critics warning of false matches and arrests and proponents arguing it keeps the public safe.

À lire: www.reuters.com/article/us-amazon-com-facial-recognition/at-amazon-facial-recognition-ban-won-just-2-of-shareholder-vote-idUSKCN1SU2H5

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