La téléportation fonctionne… à 90%

Des scientifiques sont parvenus à téléporter de l’information à 44km de distance avec un taux de réussite de 90%.

Qubits that are introduced to one another have their identities ‘entangled’ in ways that become obvious once they’re finally measured. Imagine these entangled qubits as a pair of dice – while each can land on any number, they are both guaranteed to add to seven no matter how far apart they are. Data in one location instantly reflects data in another. By clever arrangement of entangling three qubits, it’s possible to force the state of one particle to adopt the ‘dice roll’ of another via their mutually entangled partner. In quantum land, this is as good as turning one particle into another, teleporting its identity across a distance in a blink.

Quantum Teleportation Was Just Achieved With 90% Accuracy Over a 44km Distance

Avec un taux de fidélité de 90%, je me demande si ça veut dire que si on téléportait Jeff Goldblum, il lui manquerait un membre.

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