Utiliser l’humour pour parler d’actualité serait bénéfique

Selon une étude de l’Université de Pennsylvanie.

The researchers recruited young adults (18-34 years old) to watch a variety of news clips, which they designed to vary, so that some ended with jokes and some did not. In addition to collecting data on participants’ brain activity using fMRI technology, the researchers administered a memory test to the participants to determine how much information they retained from watching the clips. The researchers also asked participants to answer questions about how likely they would be to share the news clips with others.

Participants were more likely to remember information about politics and government policy when it was conveyed in a humorous rather than non-humorous manner and were more willing to share the information online. The findings also show that humorous news clips elicited greater activity in brain regions associated with thinking about what other people think and feel, which highlights the social nature of comedy.

New Study Finds that Delivering the News with Humor Makes Young Adults More Likely to Remember and Share

C’est rassurant considérant qu’il y a cinq ans, une émission comme le Daily show était la source la plus digne de confiance pour 10% des jeunes américains.

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