4chan et le mythe QAnon

Un article fort intéressant où l’on apprend que QAnon existait avant que QAnon existe:

Therefore, when viewed in its original context, Q’s conspiracy theory — far from blazing new trails — trod a well-worn path.

For example, here’s one anon predicting the imminent “arrest of the Cabal” and “liberation of Planet Earth from dark forces” in July 2017 — three months before Q’s first post. Here’sanother, two weeks before Q appeared, writing: “Soon their demise will come. The storm approaches. Hollywood is directly connected.”

Even if we restrict ourselves to the week before Q’s first drop, we can find countless anons expressing their belief in ideas that Q went on to espouse.

For example, three days before Q’s first post, an anon who believed in the Pizzagate conspiracy listed Hillary Clinton’s supposed crimes: “Sex with a minor, rape, cannibalism” — the exact charges against Hillary that would go on to become a core part of QAnonAnother anon in that thread wanted to “talk about what the Clinton Foundation did in Haiti.” The reference was to a less-central part of Pizzagate lore which, despite its relative obscurity, Q folded into some of their early drops.

The Making of QAnon: A Crowdsourced Conspiracy

Je me demande si les fans de QAnon connaissent la genèse du mouvement et réalisent que les « drops » de Q, c’est du réchauffé.

In other words, Q — far from leaking top-secret information to the anons — simply repackaged what right-wing media (and therefore the anons) were already discussing.

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