Les extrémistes évangéliques et la rébellion Trump

Je suis toujours fasciné par l’omniprésence de la religion aux États-Unis, même chez les plus « raisonnables » des politiciens. Il semble que la religion joue en grand rôle dans une mouvance QAnon / Trump / Jésus:

The spread of falsehoods about the integrity of the election — and now the roots of Wednesday’s rioting — have deeply infiltrated conservative Christian circles. Apocalyptic evangelical beliefs about the end of the world and the coming divine judgment blur with QAnon conspiracy theories that falsely assert the country is dominated by deep-state bureaucrats and pedophiles.

Abigail Spaulding, a stay-at-home mother of 15 who traveled to the rally with friends from her church in South Carolina, broke down in tears as she spoke about her fears for her children under a Biden administration. She said her husband had explained to their children that when Mr. Biden is sworn in as president, “they can take the Bible and call it hate speech and throw it out.” And she had other worries about Mr. Biden, drawn from Facebook and Twitter — all of which were false.

How White Evangelical Christians Fused With Trump Extremism

On ne peut que se réjouir que ce ne soit pas un facteur dans nos débats politiques ici. Du moins, pas un facteur affiché.

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