Le paravent de la méritocratie

Selon cette étude, certaines personnes ont tendance à minimiser les privilèges dont ils ont bénéficié pour donner l’impression que leur succès est plus méritoire.

Our findings indicate that this misidentification is rooted in a self-understanding built on particular ‘origin stories’ which act to downplay interviewees’ own, fairly privileged, upbringings and instead forge affinities to working-class extended family histories. Yet while this ‘intergenerational self’ partially reflects the lived experience of multigenerational upward mobility, it also acts – we argue – as a means of deflecting and obscuring class privilege. By positioning themselves as ascending from humble origins, we show how these interviewees are able to tell an upward story of career success ‘against the odds’ that simultaneously casts their progression as unusually meritocratically legitimate while erasing the structural privileges that have shaped key moments in their trajectory.

Deflecting Privilege: Class Identity and the Intergenerational Self

Le « self-made man » est pas self-made tant que ça.


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