COVID: l’effet Tom Hanks

Selon une étude, le diagnostic de COVID de Tom Hanks au début de la pandémie a influencé la perception des gens.

The researchers conducted a statistical analysis to see if and what characteristics could predict whether people’s attitudes and behaviors changed after learning Hanks’ diagnosis. The results indicated that people who identified with Hanks or said they knew him were more likely to change their thoughts or COVID-related behaviors due to the announcement.

“People who said they typically trust celebrities, friends, family, or Donald Trump for health information were more likely to say that Hanks’ announcement led to positive behavior change,” Myrick said. “This suggests that public health officials and advocates may want to use these types of celebrity announcements to help reach people who may be harder to reach. They don’t rely as much on news or on scientists for health information. » 

Les personnalités publiques peuvent avoir une influence positive sur la population. Je suppose que ça peut aller dans le sens inverse aussi. Heureusement que c’est Lucie Laurier plutôt que Véronique Cloutier qui est conspirationniste…

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