La navigation privée n’est peut-être pas privée

C’est ce qu’on a appris pendant un procès en Californie.

In this case, Google is accused of relying on pieces of its code within websites that use its analytics and advertising services to scrape users’ supposedly private browsing history and send copies of it to Google’s servers. Google makes it seem like private browsing mode gives users more control of their data, Amanda Bonn, a lawyer representing users, told Koh. In reality, “Google is saying there’s basically very little you can do to prevent us from collecting your data, and that’s what you should assume we’re doing,” Bonn said.

Judge in Google case disturbed that ‘incognito’ users are tracked

Google nous dit: J’oublierai ton nom et mon nom, je m’en irai incognito… mais pas vraiment.

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