Être influencé par les fausses nouvelles, sans s’en rendre compte

Selon cette étude Française, être exposé à une fausse nouvelle, même si on la sait fausse, peut changer nos comportements inconsciemment.

A lab-based randomized controlled experiment was conducted with 233 undergraduate students to investigate the behavioral effects of fake news. It was found that even short (under 5-min) exposure to fake news was able to significantly modify the unconscious behavior of individuals. This paper provides initial evidence that fake news can be used to covertly modify behavior, it argues that current approaches to mitigating fake news, and disinformation in general, are insufficient to protect social media users from this threat, and it highlights the implications of this for democracy. It raises the need for an urgent cross-sectoral effort to investigate, protect against, and mitigate the risks of covert, widespread and decentralized behavior modification over online social networks.

Would you notice if fake news changed your behavior? An experiment on the unconscious effects of disinformation

Quel effet est-ce que ça a à l’échelle d’une société, ça reste à voir.

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