La religion influence la vaccination

Aux États-Unis, avant la pandémie, l’adhésion à une religion était le deuxième facteur le plus influant sur le choix de se faire vacciner.

The second strongest predictor was Christian nationalism — even after controlling for a host of sociodemographic, religious, and political characteristics. Whitehead and Perry say this falls in line with previous findings showing that Christian nationalists are more likely to reject science, feeling that it threatens traditionalism and moral order. They are also more likely to hold libertarian populist attitudes that involve a distrust of the mainstream media’s coverage of infectious diseases. Finally, Christian nationalism has been affiliated with Donald Trump, who not only fiercely defends the influence of Christianity but has shared anti-vaxx rhetoric to millions on Twitter.

Study suggests that the modern anti-vaccine movement is shaped by Christian nationalist ideology

Quand on a les prières pour se protéger…

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