Le brouillard mental de la pandémie

J’ai déjà dit que je vivais plutôt bien la pandémie. À cause de ma personnalité. Parce que j’ai la chance de continuer de travailler et de voir des gens de temps en temps. Mais ça n’empêche pas que j’ai très hâte au retour à la normale et que je vis aussi le brouillard mental rapporté dans cet article.

To some degree, this is a natural adaptation. The sunniest optimist would point out that all this forgetting is evidence of the resilience of our species. Humans forget a great deal of what happens to us, and we tend to do it pretty quickly—after the first 24 hours or so. “Our brains are very good at learning different things and forgetting the things that are not a priority,” Tina Franklin, a neuroscientist at Georgia Tech, told me. As the pandemic has taught us new habits and made old ones obsolete, our brains have essentially put actions like taking the bus and going to restaurants in deep storage, and placed social distancing and coughing into our elbows near the front of the closet. When our habits change back, presumably so will our recall.

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