Reconstruire la sphère publique

Quelques pistes de solutions intéressantes qui pourraient nous mener vers un monde où nous n’abandonnons pas notre vie privée à des compagnies qui n’ont que pour objectif de faire du profit en suscitant des réactions, parfois pour les mauvaises raisons.

Let your imagination loose: What would it really mean to have human rights online? Instead of giving private companies the ultimate decision about whose accounts—whether yours or the president’s—should be deleted, it might mean online citizens could have recourse to a court that would examine whether they violated their terms of service. It would also mean being in charge of your own data. You could give medics all the information they need to help fight diseases, for example, but would also be guaranteed that these data couldn’t be repurposed. If you were to see advertising, political or otherwise, you would have the right to know not only who was behind it, but how your data were used to target you specifically.

On a des options. Il ne manque que la volonté de les mettre en place.

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