Pandémie: les introvertis s’en tirent mieux

Même si j’en ai plein mon casque du confinement, je me suis plutôt bien adapté à la situation. Selon cette étude, c’est le cas de bien des introvertis.

Significant interactions terms were found suggesting differential impacts of the COVID epidemic for students with low versus high levels of particular traits. Higher levels of extraversion, for example, were found to be related to decreases in mood as the pandemic progressed in contrast to those with lower extraversion, for whom there was a slight increase in mood over time. These data support the conclusion that personality traits are related to mental health and can play a role in a person’s ability to cope with major stressful events. Different traits may also be more adaptive to different types of stressors.

Personality trait predictors of adjustment during the COVID pandemic among college students

En même temps, on s’en doutait…

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