Didier Raoult s’est-il rempli les poches?

Suite à une enquête de Libération, on découvre que Didier Raoult, le « druide de la chloroquine » aurait profité de la pandémie pour faire de l’argent sur le dos de l’État.

In brief, Raoult staged an illegal clinical trial with actual patients to prove that chloroquine works, which was published on 20 March 2020 as Gautret et al IJAA2020, in the ISAC journal whose chief editor is Raoult’s IHU subordinate. There, the Marseille Guru provided thousands of mildly ill outpatients with HCQ, while declaring them hospitalised, for which he financially defrauded the French health insurance system and the patients themselves. These patients, who never lay in a hospital bed, were then compared with severely ill hospitalised COVID-19 patients elsewhere in France and declared as cured by Raoult’s magic combo of chloroquine/HCQ and the antibiotic azithromycin, which was then published as “observational” clinical trials in Raoult’s own Elsevier journals. Only that those clinical trials, which involved children and were even explicitly denied an ethics approval, were not observational, but very much interventional, if not for anything else, then because Raoult intervened by staging them. 

Long dossier ici.


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