Ces introvertis qui craignent la fin de la pandémie

J’ai déjà fait les manchettes (genre) parce que je m’adapte bien au confinement pandémique. Mais ça n’empêche pas que j’ai hâte en maudit que ça finisse. Ce n’est pas le cas de tous, si je me fie à cet article du Washington Post.

She says introverts will have to deal with the irony that, for many, 2020 was one of the happiest years of their lives — and that happened because so many other people were sick or dying. That’s classic survivor’s guilt, she says, and being miserable is not going to change an outcome you can’t control.

Pourtant, tous les introvertis ne souffrent pas de phobie sociale.

Il y a quand même beaucoup de choses inspirantes dans cet article, comme cette idée d’adapter l’environnement de travail aux différentes personnalités.

John Hackston, head of thought leadership at the Myers-Briggs Company, not only describes himself as an introvert but studies personality types to create better fits for employers and employees. He says that before the pandemic, introverts were expected to adapt to an extroverted world: Speak up at meetings, adapt to the culture of the workplace, be team players. “All cultures, but Western culture in particular, encourages what you might call stereotypically extroverted style of behavior,” says Hackston. “Rightly or wrongly, introverts had to find ways to adapt. A lot of that mental load was taken away when the pandemic hit.”

Accepter les introvertis et les extravertis comme ils sont et tirer bénéfice de leur complémentarité.

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