La sous-utilisation de l’hémisphère droit pourrait mener à notre perte

Très intéressant épisode de l’émission Hidden Brain. Le psychiatre Iain Gilchrist explique que le côté gauche de notre cerveau sert à analyser les détails tandis que la le côté droit a une vue d’ensemble sur le monde. Selon lui, nous vivons dans une société qui voit de moins en moins la « big picture ».

Absolutely the opposite, absolutely the opposite. I love science. Since a child, I was captivated by science. I depend on science in my work, and I depend on scientific discoveries for my life. The argument in my book, as people have pointed out, is sequential, analytical and rational. In fact, people say is quite a left-hemisphere book. And I say, good, I hope I used both my hemispheres in writing this book because if not, it wouldn’t be a very good one. So we need both. And what I feel is that science and reason depend on a balance of these things. There is a distinction to be made between rationality – by which I mean the mindless following out of rationalistic procedures – and what I would call reason – which, since the Renaissance, has been exalted as the mark of a truly educated person, which is to make balanced, informed judgments – but not just informed by data but informed by an understanding in the whole context of a living being belonging to a vibrant society of what this actually means. In other words, judgment – judgment has been taken out of our intellectual world and replaced by something a machine can do. And that may look good to a certain kind of way of thinking, but I think it’s a disaster. The right hemisphere sees the need of the left. That’s in the image of the master and the emissary – the master knowing the need for the emissary, the emissary not knowing the value of the master. And if I may use a quotation from Einstein, I think this gives us the full picture – he said that « the rational mind is a faithful servant. The intuitive mind is a precious gift. » We live in a society that honors the servant but has forgotten the gift.

Arrêtons de tout prendre au premier degré.

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