Le nationalisme chrétien et la polarisation

Un aspect de la politique américaine qui a une bien plus grande influence qu’ici. Ce sera entre autres le sujet d’un documentaire sur le « preacher » Billy Graham.

The National Prayer Breakfast continues today, and Graham’s imprint on the intersection of religion and politics continues. White evangelical support for former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election cycle stemmed in large part from his connection to leaders like Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr. Both men, sons of famous religious leaders, followed in their fathers’ footsteps, and both have made careers from promoting fear, faith and political allegiance to Republicans. Taking this polarizing alchemy of faith and politics one step further, however, this second generation is much more likely to embrace Christian nationalism, which in turn incentivizes political leaders to make Christian nationalism part of their stump speeches.

How Billy Graham weaponized white evangelical Christian power in America

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