Faut-il laisser le privé protéger seul nos vies privées?

La réponse est non selon ce chroniqueur:

So here’s where we are: an online system has been running wild for years, generating billions in profits for its participants. We have evidence of its illegitimacy and a powerful law on the statute book that in principle could bring it under control, but which we appear unable to enforce. And the only body that has, to date, been able to exert real control over the aforementioned racket is… a giant private company that itself is subject to serious concerns about its monopolistic behaviour. And the question for today: where is democracy in all this? You only have to ask to know the answer.

Les gouvernements ne sont pas encore équipés pour s’attaquer à ce problème, mais devraient s’y attaquer pour ne pas laisser ça entre les mains des géants des technologies.

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