Il n’y aurait pas tant que ça d’emplois « factices »

Les « bullshit jobs », ces emplois qui sont qualifiés par ceux-là même qui les ont, d’inutiles, seraient moins nombreux que ce que certains croient:

Jobs that Graeber described as bullshit (BS) jobs range from doormen and receptionists to lobbyists and public relations specialists through to those in the legal profession, particularly corporate lawyers and legal consultants. Dr Magdalena Soffia from the University of Cambridge and the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, one of the authors of the article, said: “There’s something appealing about the bullshit jobs theory. The fact that many people have worked in such jobs at some point may explain why Graeber’s work resonates with so many people who can relate to the accounts he gives. But his theory is not based on any reliable empirical data, even though he puts forward several propositions, all of which are testable.”

One in twenty workers are in ‘useless’ jobs – far fewer than previously thought

Un emploi sur vingt serait en réalité de la « bullshit ».

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