Les États qui ont pris au sérieux la pandémie auraient mieux fait économiquement

Les gens qui se sentent en sécurité en raison des mesures seraient plus portés à participer à l’économie. C’est ce que disent les données:

“California had more stringent interventions and a lower infection rate than either Texas or Florida, two states to which it’s often compared,” Nickelsburg said. “Yet California also performed better with respect to GDP than either Texas or Florida. Second, the same pattern showed up across all big states: On average, the ones with more stringent interventions had both better health outcomes and better economic outcomes.” Two states bucked this trend, however, with New York and Michigan enforcing strict NPIs yet still ending up with poor showings financially. “Michigan was all about supply chain interruption in the automobile industry,” Nickelsburg told Yahoo. “This had nothing to do with interventions. Factories were forced to close for part of the year.”

New York serait l’exception.

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