L’influenceur Donald Trump Jr. et la victimisation

Même si les publications les plus populaires des réseaux sociaux sont souvent celles de la droite américaine, celle-ci aime bien (comme ici d’ailleurs) se dire victime du biais gauchiste de ces réseaux. Donald Trump Jr. joue ce jeu habilement comme en témoigne ce portrait de The Atlantic.

For a long time, right-wing personalities have done very well on social media, and they expect that to continue, Petre, the media researcher, told me. If it doesn’t, they’ll feel like something has been taken away from them. “The way that somebody interprets a particular metric tells you something about what a person wants, or what they feel entitled to,” she said. This is Trump Jr.’s internet philosophy in a nutshell: The algorithms are shrouded in mystery, therefore nobody knows how popular someone might be if the system weren’t biased against them. Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference last year, he declared Big Tech bias “probably a top-three issue” for Donald Trump’s national base. In Liberal Privilege, he expresses his eagerness “to help voice the frustrations of so many Americans” who have watched “the Left” take over television, newspapers, and, “even more flagrant these days,” social-media platforms.

Pour eux, semble-t-il que lorsque vos publications ne génèrent pas suffisamment d’engagement, c’est parce qu’elles sont censurées.

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