Exposer l’extrême-droite, un modèle d’affaire?

Intéressante réflexion dans The Atlantic à propos d’un compte Twitter qui republie les dérives de la droite pour les dénoncer.

PatriotTakes isn’t merely indifferent to the context of the material it captures, or to the risks of reposting that content for a wider audience—it also fails to acknowledge the broader work to which it ostensibly contributes. The account rarely makes mention of any of the hundreds of other researchers and journalists who study extremist communities, and who have had to confront the ethical quandary of amplifying hate and conspiracy theories in order to understand them. Instead, it panders to its fans by posing as a loner hero: “Looks like I’m making a lot of people nervous for all the right reasons,” it tweeted in April, after infuriating the political consultant Roger Stone. “It’s incredibly performative,” says Brandy Zadrozny, a senior reporter at NBC News who covers online platforms and politics. “I’m going into the lion’s den and bringing you the danger of the far right. That’s ridiculous. It doesn’t shine a light on anything. It just takes videos from one place and puts them in another.”

Je ne pense pas que ce genre de démarche soit inutile. Elle fait partie d’un écosystème plus grand qui analyse ces dérives. Ça ne veut pas dire que les intentions sont toujours les bonnes.

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