Protéger la vie privée malgré la multiplication des plateformes

Réflexion sur la vie privée sur internet. Comment s’assurer que malgré la multiplication des services, nos données soient protégées à long terme?

Have I Been Pwned is a wonderful service that can tell you if your email has been part of a large scale data breach. Every time I look at my personal list (seventeen and counting), one of them always draws my eye because it’s a site I signed up for when I was eleven years old: Neopets. There is absolutely nothing you could’ve done to persuade that 11-year-old kid not to sign up for Neopets, and there’s also nothing I can do now as an adult to undo the harm. Is it my responsibility to have taken steps to delete my accounts on everything I’ve ever stopped using? Assuming I’m not reusing passwords all over the place, at least the worst thing you could do with my Neopets account is mistreat my virtual pet. Imagine, instead, that you’re a queer kid living in a small town in 1999, and you sign up for Livejournal and use it to find a supportive and loving queer community online. Then in 2007 Livejournal gets sold to a company based in Russia, which in 2013 criminalizes the distribution of pro-LGBTQ content to minors, and in 2017 Livejournal loses the account info of 26 million users. Was it your responsibility to monitor the shifting geopolitical context of your childhood diary for the next two decades?

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