Pourquoi Politico a été vendu un milliard

Quelques facteurs qui ont fait le succès du site Politico:

Politico is still free to all. How? It recognized early on something airlines have known for a long time: It’s a lot easier to make a lot of money from a few of your customers than a little from everyone. Especially on international flights, an airline might sell 12% of its tickets in Business Class or First Class — but those tickets can generate 75% or more of an airline’s profits. There are people happy to spend $4,000 for a lay-flat seat and unlimited bellinis to Heathrow — so it makes sense for airlines to figure out a way to make them. In 2010, rather than a paywall, Politico launched Politico Pro, an almost completely distinct service aimed at people with real money: trade groups, lobbyists, defense contractors, banks, health care conglomerates, and the like. With high-value, minute-by-minute updates — often on inside-baseball subjects too boring for the broader audience to be interested in — Politico Pro took the premium-research business into the digital age.

Un service parallèle donc, mais aussi des petits trucs comme des infolettres et des contenus adaptés à certaines régions du monde.

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