Simple ou simpliste?

Comment la recherche d’explications simples à des problèmes complexes peut nuire à notre compréhension du monde.

Resisting such simple explanations for a complicated problem demands much more from us. It would force us to stop, zoom out of a situation, consider the level of complexity, and acknowledge the limits of our understanding — that’s scary. Accepting something as complicated is an act of humility in the recognition of the unknown.

Now, you don’t need to fully understand a complicated system to change it. You start with appreciating that its individual components’ produce an effect more remarkable than the sum of its parts. That requires that humility I was on about earlier. Its a mentality shift in recognising the limits of our own knowledge. Or when you consider the perspectives of those with whom you disagree. It demands we do the work to have an opinion, including admitting what we don’t know. Take 5 minutes a day to do this for a single news story, and I guarantee the results will surprise you.

Plus facile de croire qu’un problème est le fruit d’un complot, par exemple.


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Comme disait ma tante de St-Félicien  » fais pas simple »

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