Un programme qui programme

L’intelligence artificielle est maintenant capable de faire de la programmation.

Mr. Howard and others believe Codex could also help novices learn to code. It is particularly good at generating simple programs from brief English descriptions. And it works in the other direction, too, by explaining complex code in plain English. Some, including Joel Hellermark, an entrepreneur in Sweden, are already trying to transform the system into a teaching tool. The rest of the A.I. landscape looks similar. Robots are increasingly powerful. So are chatbots designed for online conversation. DeepMind, an A.I. lab in London, recently built a system that instantly identifies the shape of proteins in the human body, which is a key part of designing new medicines and vaccines. That task once took scientists days or even years. But those systems replace only a small part of what human experts can do.

Peut-être que ça rendra la programmation accessible à un plus grand nombre… ou peut-être que l’Intelligence Artificielle va anéantir l’humanité.

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