Faire l’amour à un robot

Drôle de sondage. 32% des gens s’inquiètent pour les droits des robots. 39% serait prêts à faire l’amour avec un robot.

Oddly, however, many don’t seem to mind if the robots are abused. 32% said, oh, please, let’s not worry about robot rights. Wait, only 32%? What are the rest thinking? I’ll tell you what many of them might be thinking. More than 40% of them think it would be a fine idea to have sex with a robot. A humanoid robot that is — I don’t wish to offer any logistical description of what this sort of sex might entail. I can tell you, however, that for a finely-tuned 3% of these people, it would only be a one-night stand. Or perhaps a beings-with-benefits arrangement. You see, a mere 39% — wait, a staggering 39% — believe they could have a romantic relationship with a robot.

Mettons que ça dépend de la définition de robot…

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