Propagande ou ampligande?

Bon, le mot n’existe pas vraiment, mais selon ce spécialiste, on ne parle plus que des puissants qui tentent de berner le peuple, mais du peuple qui amplifie lui-même les fausses nouvelles.

In fact, we have a very old word for persuasive communication with an agenda: propaganda. That term, however, comes with historical baggage. It presumes that governments, authority figures, institutions, and mass media are forcing ideas on regular people from the top down. But more and more, the opposite is happening. Far from being merely a target, the public has become an active participant in creating and selectively amplifying narratives that shape realities. Perhaps the best word for this emergent bottom-up dynamic is one that doesn’t exist quite yet: ampliganda, the shaping of perception through amplification. It can originate from an online nobody or an onscreen celebrity. No single person or organization bears responsibility for its transmission. And it is having a profound effect on democracy and society.

Même plus besoin de robots russes pour amplifier un mouvement.

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