Fox News et les antifas

Visiblement, Fox News voit des antifas partout, mais a de la difficulté à les prendre en photo.

Dans le même genre, ils auraient tendance à moins s’attaquer aux nationalistes blancs:

The article’s original headline read “Antifa members clash with White nationalists over COVID vaccine mandate outside NYC’s Gracie Mansion.” The first version of the article described how Fuentes’ fans call themselves “groypers,” and included an Anti-Defamation League description of them “as a white supremacist group.” The story soon prompted online criticism from Fuentes and other far-right activists, including columnist Michelle Malkin. On social media app Telegram, Fuentes declared that Fox was “scum” for quoting the ADL.

“Fox News using ADL talking points about me and AF,” Fuentes wrote. “Scum.” Within a few hours of its initial publication, Fox had edited the article and its headline to remove every mention of Fuentes’ name. The headline’s reference to “White nationalists” was removed, and changed to describe Fuentes followers instead as “anti-vaccine protesters.”

Fair and balanced, comme ils disent.

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