Étiquette : science-fiction

Carte des apparitions d’OVNI

Clairement, les extraterrestres parlent anglais. (mais c’est probablement plutôt que c’est une compilation américaine)

Frank Lloyd Wright et la science fiction

Ses projets ont inspiré quelques films.

If architecture is always Utopian, and Utopianism is always science fictional, then architecture is science fiction. The key aspiration that links these three modes together—for better or worse—is something Tafuri identifies, again with a caveat. Architecture, Utopianism, and science fiction all seek to describe, “a ‘total’ resolution of the technological universe.”

Via Sentiers.

Comment la science-fiction prédit le futur

Elle ne le prédit pas tant que ça.

And it’s this phenomenon, above all, that is at the heart of the strange relationship between sci-fi and reality in 2021. Science-fiction isn’t predicting the future. Nor, in any deep sense, is it shaping it. Rather, it’s providing us with an intellectual toolkit, a set of narratives, that we can use to describe the changes we see unfolding around us.

Via Sentier.